Kona Belt - Wide Width - Pre order, available Sept 2024

Kona Belt - Wide Width - Pre order, available Sept 2024

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Beautifully crafted collection of beaded belts with cultural significance, particularly tied to the Maasai Tribe of Kenya.  Our Kona belt consists of black, pink and white beads on black leather.  The triangles represent the Corners (Kona in Swahili) that eventers jump in competition.

  1. Artisan Craftsmanship: Each belt is meticulously handcrafted by Maasai mamas, who are given creative freedom to express their artistic flair. This approach ensures each piece is unique and avoids mass-produced uniformity.

  2. Materials and Construction: The belts are made from high-quality leather, adorned with beads that are hand-sewn onto the leather. The process includes adding hardware and a second layer of leather for durability and comfort.

  3. Cultural Significance of Bead Colors:

    • Red: Symbolizes bravery, strength, and unity of the Maasai Tribe.
    • Purple: Represents wealth, pride, and creativity.
    • Blue: Symbolizes the sky that provides essential resources like water and energy.
    • Green: Represents the land that provides sustenance and symbolizes nourishment and protection.
    • Orange: Symbolizes hospitality, generosity, friendship, and warmth.
    • Yellow: Represents the sun, symbolizing fertility, growth, and sustenance for livestock.
  4. Product Philosophy: These belts are more than just accessories; they carry deep cultural meanings and are made to be cherished and enjoyed.

  5. Order Fulfillment: While there may be times when an order needs to be produced in Kenya, efforts are made to maintain a stock list. Customers are informed promptly if their order requires production.

Overall, the product offering blends traditional craftsmanship with cultural symbolism, offering customers a meaningful and unique piece of Maasai artistry.